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  1. chuba please get in contact with me , leave your number and i will give u a call hope u remember me your class mate chinelo nebeolisa nonso big sister ,remember your childhoof friends , chinelo chijioke nonso efe christopher,lisa ,adaobi etc

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  2. Congratulations Chuba!
    I am very proud of your achievements.
    I made eba for you while you were an undergraduate here at Pitt-Bradford.
    Wishing you more success. Don’t forget your own when you reach the top.
    God’s blessings. ..
    Dr Ogundayo.

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    • Dr Ogundayo. Great to hear from you. Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate our friendship and still remember those frigid days in the cold hills of UPB. I hope all is well with the family. Are you still at UPB?


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