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bookmediaSo… you have enjoyed the good fortune of  playing your favorite sport for the better part of your life in relatively good health with only a few minor injuries to speak of. All of a sudden, you sustained a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) with no prior warning signs from your body. Now what? How do you fully recover so that you can get back to the active lifestyle you love so much in an efficient and effective way?

In this book, the author gives a vivid overview of his own personal experience with ACL reconstruction. He highlights the key insights he learned on his road to recovery for the benefit of any reader who wishes to make a speedy and complete recovery from an ACL tear. The author details the entire process of surgical repair and rehabilitation in a deliberate step by step fashion, while maintaining a conversational and friendly tone.

To facilitate the reader’s understanding of ACL injuries, the author delves into a deep description of human knee anatomy, and explains it in colloquial terms that most everyone can understand. “In Kneed of Repair” is replete with illustrations, photos, and videos that accompany its descriptive text. It serves as a well informed resource to the reader on issues such as what to buy, what rehab exercises to do, and what to consume to help expedite recovery.

The overarching motive for this book is to provide immense value to its reader in the form of quality information on ACL reconstruction that is readily digestible. The information contained in this book may also be used by the reader to facilitate the recovery of a loved one. Being an active individual himself, Chuba understands the frustration that comes with an ACL injury, and would like nothing more than to help as many people as possible rise from the ashes of this injury in perhaps better form than ever.


In Kneed of Repair Initial Customer Reviews:

Very detailed yet informal writing style. Unfortunate you may find it only after injury ★★★★★

by Dr. Jayson Falkner PhD

This book is for someone who finds themself with a serious knee injury, namely tearing the ACL or damaging the other tendons or major supporting structures of the knee. It is easy to read and contains everything you need to know about the injury, surgery, and recovery process in one place. Beautiful hand-drawn diagrams and the author’s personal story help make this an excellent and interesting read. The only downside to the book is that you’ve likely only found it after you too have suffered a serious knee injury. Definitely worth reading beforehand if you are interested in the knee, sports medicine, or are helping a loved one thrive after a serious knee injury.

Like advice from a good friend ★★★★★

by Industrious Nerd

Everyone deserves to have advice from someone like Dr. Oyolu. This book strikes a good balance between scientific content, and basic honest advice on dealing with the emotions and logistics surrounding surgery. Details like how to take a shower while recovering and selecting a friend to bring you home from surgery mean you’ll be as prepared as possible for a smooth operation and speedy recovery. Oyolu even includes video content so you learn moves like how to get in and out of a car with crutches like a pro. As someone who has experienced the pain of ACL injury and repar himself, Oyolu speaks from the heart. You get the sense that he cares about you like a good friend would. While it’s not a book that anyone would want to have to read (who wants to deal with knee surgery?) it’s a wonderful guide for those of us facing an operation — either our own or somoene whom we love. My only warning about this book is that some of the medical descriptions and illustrations are not for the faint of heart.

A great read that guides you to recovery! ★★★★★

by Henryx9 from iTunes USA

This book is great! Contains crisp and informative details along every step of the injury. The hand drawn illustrations and videos are a great supplement to the text. Excellent read, especially for anyone who is going through the same injury because it contains information that you just can’t find on the internet, such as the author’s emotion throughout the injury.

Amazingly helpful read for anyone with knee problems! ★★★★★

by Jonjon227 from iTunes USA

This book is a clear, succinct, comprehensive step by step guide for all of us that have been through knee injuries and don’t know how to deal with them. The author provides great illustrations and videos, and his insight into the mental challenges that athletes go through during tough times really helps drive his points home. It’s a necessary read for anyone that thas experienced knee problems. Super helpful!

Very informative and of high value ★★★★★

by Dr. A. Irani MD from iTunes USA

Dr. Oyolu’s book does a very nice job of describing everything a patient needs to know about ACL surgery. The book does an excellent job of describing everything from the anatomy of the knee, to preparing one’s house for rehab and recovery; this complete manual will be very helpful to patients. Having operated on and taken care of patients with ACL injuries, I can recommend this resource as a good read for patients looking to get the most out of their surgery. -Dr. A. Irani MD

An honest and insightful read ★★★★★

by mqchen from iTunes USA

Dr. Oyolu describes in detail what it takes to get through a knee injury (which many can relate to) from both a personal and physiologically correct perspective. The artwork and accompanying media is also excellent, providing additional relevance for the reader.

artistic, informative and insightful ★★★★★

by blorgtron from iTunes USA

In Kneed of Repair provides an easy way to understand the anatomy of the human knee though beautiful illustrations done by the author, himself. Beyond providing an understanding of how one might sustain a serious injury and the different medical choices that accompany recovery, Dr. Oyolu recounts his own injury and addresses the very human thoughts and emotions that he, himself, struggled with. The book provides reassurance where concerns may arise and encourages readers to dedicate themselves to the demanding task of rehabilitation. It goes the extra mile in explaining different stretches/exercises for physical therapy and cataloging things to prep for the long journey to recovery. The ebook also includes embedded videos if you have trouble visualizing the exercises explained in writing. All in all, In Kneed of Repair was an easy read that I enjoyed thoroughly. It’s a great tool if you or someone you know has seriously injured their ACL and don’t know exactly where to begin.. Start by having a look at this book!

Just tore your acl? Get this book! ★★★★★

by GlfWid0 from iTunes Canada

This book explains the process of having an acl repaired from start to finish and beyond. I especially enjoyed the illustrations. The videos and detailed exercises will be a great reference during my own recovery. Well done!

“I bought Chuba Oyolu book on iBooks and it is really helpful and informative, really recommend reading.” – Gemma Coomes from ACL support facebook group

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