Work In Pencil

All the work below was done with a very regular number 2 mechanical pencil, and a little help/inspiration from Master Buonarotti…

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    • Hey JR,

      Yes they are drawn freehand. I use regular number 2 mechanical pencils and get the differences in shade and tone by manually varying the pressure applied to the medium via my tools. Thanks for asking and for taking an interest in my work!


  1. Chuba,
    You are a great artist, can`t believe you could draw and paint like that,i would love to have some of your work,actually buy them before they get too expensive,cos i know someday you are going to be a famous artist.I love your work


  2. Chuba, my dearest cousin. Great work and a job well done. The qualities of these pieces are universal and timeless. I particularly love your “work in pencil” on King David. The portrait expresses the beauty, status, power and wealth of the character so young yet strong in divinity.


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