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Bored? This might be why…

Eventually taking things for granted seems like an inevitable part of human nature. We’ve all done it, we all do it, and we’ll all probably do it again sometime in the near future. You know how you were all excited to get that brand new piano you’d been eyeing for a while, only to quickly tire of it in just a few months? Or perhaps you started taking your wonderful significant other for granted after 2+ years together. Maybe you no longer feel fortunate to have your job and the associated income it provides, or you’ve grown lethargic towards the delicious pancakes your roommate makes every Sunday morning for breakfast. Suffice it to say that I think almost all of us have experienced the emotion of boredom in one form or the other, at some point in our lives. Continue reading Bored? This might be why…

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48 laws of power, by Robert Greene

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We’ve all been there… You’ve just joined the workforce, and have been given your first assignment on the new job. You excitedly take it on, with the intent of putting in as much effort as possible to ensure that you do as good a job as possible. Against considerable odds, you actually succeed at your new project, and it is looking like you might finish it in record time. You start allowing yourself to think that the success you are having with your work might mean a promotion and a subsequent meteoric rise to the top… that is until reality hits you square in the face. You find that instead of being recognized and lauded for your good work, a group of people a couple of levels ahead of you swoop in at the very end of your project to put their names on it and gain partial credit. You felt wronged by this so you went through what you thought were the proper channels to vent your frustration and lodge a formal complaint. Three weeks after you lodge this official complaint, you’re fired from your job and you cannot for the life of you understand why. Continue reading 48 laws of power, by Robert Greene

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How caffeine works… in plain english

Caffeine chemical molecule structure.
For the purposes of this article, brain cell = neuron = nerve cell.
The ancient drink also known as coffee has been around for centuries, with the earliest records of it found around 10th century Ethiopia. Its resilience as a popular drink is remarkable as many of us still drink it on a near daily basis till this very day, centuries after it was first discovered. It is worth considering why coffee has stuck around for so long and is loved by so many. After all, coffee doesn’t get you happy drunk like alcohol will, and strictly avoiding it won’t kill you like strictly avoiding water probably will. So why do many of us still drink this brownish black liquid so often? Well, with the right mixture of sweeteners and cream dialed in to suit each individual’s taste, it actually tastes pretty good. Also, it can give you an energy jolt of biblical proportions when you need to get something done. Continue reading How caffeine works… in plain english

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The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

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This is a great book about a shepherd boy called Santiago who goes out into the world to seek his personal destiny/legend. He goes through many trials and tribulations along the way to meeting his ultimate destiny, and learns many valuable lessons. Some of the most valuable being learning to take risks in order to fulfill his personal legend, learning that real true love does not plead with you to sacrifice your personal legend, and that when someone really wants something, the entire universe conspires to help them get it. This is a fantastic read. Very inspirational for those of us already on the path to fulfilling our personal legends, as well as those thinking about starting the journey. Continue reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

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Watch your mouth!… Strategies to protect your teeth

On one fateful 2013 autumn evening, I was racing down the pool in a butterfly stroke frenzy when one of my wisdom teeth started to ache. As I climbed out of the pool, I could feel it throbbing and was now in considerable pain. I waited a while to see if the pain would subside, but I ultimately ended up having to take some Advil right before bed to stem the pain. The first thing I did when I woke up the next morning was to schedule an emergency appointment with my local dentist that same day. I got to the dentist’s office around noon and merely fifteen minutes into the appointment, he said: “you’re gonna need a root canal… this cavity is too deep for me to cover up with porcelain”. Thankfully, he cleaned out the cavity which helped relieve the pain and scheduled an appointment for me with a trusted endodontist (root canal dentist). Continue reading Watch your mouth!… Strategies to protect your teeth

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Mastery, by Robert Greene

Buy the “Mastery” book

This is without doubt one of the best books I have ever read. Written by Robert Greene (the author of the 48 laws of power), this master work of a book de-mystifies the process of attaining mastery in any chosen field of endeavor. Rather than romanticize and/or sugar coat the process of attaining mastery, it goes into great depth showing the very practical steps required to complete the journey. From mastering the technical aspects of your chosen discipline to mastering your own emotions and interactions with other people, this book covers every last relevant detail. If you are serious about getting to a stage of mastery in your chosen discipline, this book is an absolute must read. It will be one of the best investments you make… hands down! Continue reading Mastery, by Robert Greene

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In the shoes of another…

Joe and john are right, but their points of view are different. It's for that they are disagree
Joe and john are right, but their points of view are different. It’s for that they are disagree

No matter how loving or profound a relationship between two people might be, there will inevitably be a difference in opinion and/or values at some point. These differences in opinion can lead to relatively minor things like silly little arguments between you and the other that you eventually joke about, or they can lead to large scale bouts of all out war which culminate in divorce, nasty legal battles, and so on. While there are some select few who seem to have a repeat pattern of damaging their relationships because of a naturally querulous streak, it is often the case that many people with a history of broken relationships are perfectly good natured. You might be thinking… “Damn that makes no sense… what gives?” I know exactly what you mean and for the record, I agree with you. I think the key to this mystery is to understand and accept that there is a difference between being a terrible person and being a perfectly good person who just happens to be terrible at relating to others. Continue reading In the shoes of another…