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48 laws of power, by Robert Greene

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We’ve all been there… You’ve just joined the workforce, and have been given your first assignment on the new job. You excitedly take it on, with the intent of putting in as much effort as possible to ensure that you do as good a job as possible. Against considerable odds, you actually succeed at your new project, and it is looking like you might finish it in record time. You start allowing yourself to think that the success you are having with your work might mean a promotion and a subsequent meteoric rise to the top… that is until reality hits you square in the face. You find that instead of being recognized and lauded for your good work, a group of people a couple of levels ahead of you swoop in at the very end of your project to put their names on it and gain partial credit. You felt wronged by this so you went through what you thought were the proper channels to vent your frustration and lodge a formal complaint. Three weeks after you lodge this official complaint, you’re fired from your job and you cannot for the life of you understand why.

In this marvelous book – The 48 laws of power – Robert Greene unapologetically reveals the very machiavellian machinations of the corporate world. He details the sometimes harsh realities of the underhanded tactics that people resort to in the corporate working environment. I think you will find that after reading this book, a lot of events in your life that you previously had not understood will start to make perfect sense. You’ll understand why things didn’t quite work out at your last job, and you’ll probably find that the reasons why things didn’t quite work out do NOT make any logical sense. You’ll learn never to show up your boss, you’ll come to understand that the behaviors that are required to accumulate power in the corporate world are NOT natural, and you’ll learn that “being yourself” at your 9 to 5 job probably won’t work. Marvelous read, but you gotta be tough minded to make it through this one and heed the words of wisdom within it.

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