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The hard thing about hard things, by Ben Horowitz

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Loved this book! It is written by the famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned venture capitalist – Ben Horowitz. It very clearly lays out many of the lessons he learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey, at “Loud Cloud” and at “Netscape”.

I was struck by the sheer candor that was conveyed to the reader throughout this book. Ben DOES NOT mince words or sugar coat the realities of being an entrepreneur in the modern world. There is a common rhetoric that pervades our culture which roughly says everyone can find their unique passion, build a company around that passion, and have a ton of fun doing that. This book sobers you up to the fact that while building a good company can be a very fulfilling experience on the whole, there are usually some spectacularly difficult times which he refers to as WFIO (We’re F*cked, It’s Over) moments that must be overcome. However, the bright side is that if you are able to find the courage, resourcefulness, grit, and creativity required to overcome said challenges, you’ll eventually put yourself and your company in the best position to sustain any success that you eventually earn. You’ll learn that the most important trait for spectacularly successful CEOs and people is tenacity… the unwillingness to give up. It is full of hip hop quotes and references that will probably make you chuckle along the way. It is a super easy but stupendously insightful read for any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone interested in improving their lot in life for that matter. Highly recommended.
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Oyolu B.C. Ph.D.

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