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The 50th law, by Robert Greene

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To be honest, I erroneously scoffed at this book when I first saw it, thinking to myself “what possible value could a book on 50 cent’s bullet riddled past possibly add to the anyone’s life?”… boy was I wrong. In this masterpiece, Robert Greene takes a deep look into the life of hip hop superstar Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, chronicling his tough upbringing and his brush with death which ultimately transformed him into a fearless individual.

Through the intensely painful ordeal of being shot nine times to within an inch of his life, Curtis gained a priceless new perspective – no matter who you are, nothing is promised. This realization gave him an enormous sense of urgency because he all of a sudden internalized the fact that death could come at any moment and thus, it was in his best interest to hurry up and do whatever he wanted to do with his life before the angel of death came calling again. After all, such a ridiculous instance of good fortune (surviving nine bullet wounds) wasn’t likely to repeat itself twice in one lifetime. All of this infused Curtis with an unprecedented surge of motivation to work at a furious pace. As soon as he had recovered well enough, he cut several tracks and orchestrated one of the most well executed mix tape campaigns in recent history. Before long, his music was being played all over the streets in New York city and eventually all over the world.

After his brush with death, Curtis morphed into the ultimate alchemist who excelled at transforming the dread and foreboding of death itself into motivational rocket fuel… his version of using the philosopher’s stone to transform base metals into gold. This book contains a seriously important lesson – regardless of your stature or place in life, all of us are soon going to die… better hurry up and do something meaningful with your talents, charm, sensitivity, empathy, or whatever attributes you’ve been blessed with while you still have time.

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