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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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It has always seemed curious to me that pretty much all of our educational systems neglect three of the most important areas we each need to master in order to live prosperous lives – Health, Relationships, and Money. As a result of these often gaping holes in our experiences, many of us tend to fall flat as soon as all the training wheels come off and we enter the “real world”, unless we take it upon ourselves to self educate with books like this.

The book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” emphasizes the importance of mastering money and uses real anecdotes from the author’s life cleverly parlayed to teach important lessons about the art of managing money. The author noticed that the two men he looked up to in his life had very different experiences when it came to money even though they both worked equally hard. One of them always seemed to have it, while the other one seemed to perpetually struggle with the lack of it. By reading this book, you’ll pick up many gems of wisdom that will help you understand money and the art of managing it. You’ll learn to focus on spending more of your cash on acquiring assets (things that help you make money) rather than liabilities (things that cost money, but don’t help you make any). This book is an eye opener, and a highly recommended read for anyone looking to tighten up their money game, making it sustainable for the long term.
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