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Iconic AF. Season 1, Episode 2: Soul Rebel

24″ X 30″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas of the late great Bob Marley

I grew up in Lagos with Iconic tunes from this great man coming through pretty much every transistor radio in every local kiosk on every corner. My brain still takes me back to particular places and times when I hear some of his songs. Bob Marley was and remains a legend to us Nigerians because of his courage and musicianship. I mean this man literally got shot at during a concert and went right back to playing the very next one as if nothing happened. When asked why he’d risk his life, his response was simple and powerful. I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like: “the people who are trying to make the world worse aren’t taking days off, so those of us trying to make the world better can’t either”… #respect. This is the second piece of work in season 1 of the “Iconic AF” series. You can see snapshots of works in progress from this series on the instagram page

Without Wax

Chuba Oyolu Ph.D.

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Iconic AF. Season 1, Episode 1: Voodoo Child

24″ X 30″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas of the late great James Marshall Hendrix

Prints available for purchase

Through the process of growing up as a music lover and eventually morphing into a practitioner of music and the fine arts, there have been luminaries who have served as a source of inspiration. Although the chief inspiration for my artistic exploits was and remains Michelangelo Buonarroti, I have also drawn a ton of inspiration from musicians, fighters, and thinkers past and present. These luminaries have inspired me and many others with their ingenuity, artistry, courage, passion, and fearless individuality. Jimi Hendrix is one such source of inspiration.

Full disclosure here… I’m about as big a fan of Jimi Hendrix as you’ll find anywhere so my objectivity on his life and works as a man and musician might be slightly warped. Jimi Hendrix is probably the biggest single reason why I play guitar. His style of guitar playing is readily recognizable in my guitar playing because I spent a ton of time copying and learning from the great man. I unfortunately never got the chance to see him in concert because he died a long time before I was born. He was really the first guitar player to develop the technique of playing within chords, and was also responsible for popularizing double stops… two techniques that are now commonplace in every serious guitar player’s arsenal. He’s been an inspiration to myself and many others, making this particular piece an absolute joy to create. This is the first piece of work in season 1 of the “Iconic AF” series. It sold to a collector here in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 2018 Millbrae Art and Wine festival. You can see snapshots of works in progress from this series on the instagram page

Without Wax

Chuba Oyolu Ph.D.

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Quote of the week (11/15)

“Cowards die many times before their deaths.
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear,
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.” ~Julius Ceasar


Cover: Take me to church


Guitar god

The voodoo high priest himself playing “Foxey Lady”


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In Kneed of Repair Customer Reviews:

Very informative and of high value ★★★★★

by Dr. A. Irani MD from iTunes USA

Dr. Oyolu’s book does a very nice job of describing everything a patient needs to know about ACL surgery. The book does an excellent job of describing everything from the anatomy of the knee, to preparing one’s house for rehab and recovery; this complete manual will be very helpful to patients. Having operated on and taken care of patients with ACL injuries, I can recommend this resource as a good read for patients looking to get the most out of their surgery. -Dr. A. Irani MD

artistic, informative and insightful ★★★★★

by blorgtron from iTunes USA

In Kneed of Repair provides an easy way to understand the anatomy of the human knee though beautiful illustrations done by the author, himself. Beyond providing an understanding of how one might sustain a serious injury and the different medical choices that accompany recovery, Dr. Oyolu recounts his own injury and addresses the very human thoughts and emotions that he, himself, struggled with. The book provides reassurance where concerns may arise and encourages readers to dedicate themselves to the demanding task of rehabilitation. It goes the extra mile in explaining different stretches/exercises for physical therapy and cataloging things to prep for the long journey to recovery. The ebook also includes embedded videos if you have trouble visualizing the exercises explained in writing. All in all, In Kneed of Repair was an easy read that I enjoyed thoroughly. It’s a great tool if you or someone you know has seriously injured their ACL and don’t know exactly where to begin.. Start by having a look at this book!

Just tore your acl? Get this book! ★★★★★

by GlfWid0 from iTunes Canada

This book explains the process of having an acl repaired from start to finish and beyond. I especially enjoyed the illustrations. The videos and detailed exercises will be a great reference during my own recovery. Well done!


Timelapse of my most current mural